Bond Data by Court Location

Monica, who, in addition to all of her other talents, is big on statistical data analysis, sent the following information and link to one of our volunteers. I thought this would be a good thing to share here.

Three-fold Difference in Immigration Bond Amounts by Court Location

  1. National bond grant rate in FY18 (first 8 months): 47.1%; median bond amount: $7,500
  2. Stewart bond grant rate in FY18 (first 8 months): 44.5%; median bond amount: $7,500
  3. SIFI Stewart bond grant rate since we launched (April 2017): 40.6% (I think things have improved. Our grant rate is 57.1% using data from May-November 2018). SIFI Stewart median bond amount: $7,500 since April 2017 (I think this has gotten worse. Our median bond amount is $9,000 using data from May-November 2018)

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